Had a presentation this morning about our plan for slow hack.


Then we had a long discussion about how to make the plan come true.12.pic  14.pic IMG_0899

Our first idea was to collect data of road safety perceptions through the use of social media. This project was focused on a campaign where the main goal was to encourage people to cycle and walk and give important subjective information to the council about people’s feelings of the roads. By collecting this data and associating it with a location would locate issues on the roads mentioned in social media such as potholes, poor signage, lack of illumination and also positive data where people mention places with good facilities. This information could be used as a reference of which places to mimic or which places could be used as a support for the council to do future improvements of the roads.

To gather information from the community we decided this project should be a campaign, which we called #wayokay, in order to distinguish this content from other information in social media we would ask the community to use a hashtag, so this was a catchy word that could be used with that purpose.

Apart from comments and pictures, hashtags would also give us more information. Hashtags are also attached to geolocation information and date of publishes. Which would provide us with more accurate data.




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